Tollhouse Pumpkins

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Pumpkin Information

Gift Shop featuring a large selection of Fall and Halloween decorations for home such as flags, table top decorations, terra cotta pumpkins, outdoor decorations, and wall decorations.

We have a large selection and variety of pumpkins to choose from including:

Houdens, Big Macs, Atlantic giants, Baby Pans, Jack-o'-lanterns, Jackpots, New Zealand Whites, Cinderellas, and many more.

These pumpkins range in sizes from hand size to 250+ lbs. The pumpkins are priced by size. You pick out your pumpkin from the patch, then bring it to the size table at the cashier and compare it to the size scale to get the price.

Most of our pumpkins are grown right here in Reno!!

We can deliver large quantities of pumpkins to your location, if you are having a Halloween or Fall event and need many pumpkins for a giveaway, contest, or decorations. We also offer a party decorations package which you can purchase or rent Fall decorations to give your event that "Country Harvest Festival" feeling.

For more information regarding Pumpkins, please visit:
The Backyard Gardener

Items for sale at our pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Accessories

Pumpkin carving kits- Carve your own fantastic jack-o'-lanterns using this kit. Includes carving tools, patterns (new patterns every year) and instructions. These are not difficult to do. You get great results with a little patience and time.

Pumpkin Patterns on CD and Tools- Includes 20 Patterns or create your own using the mix and match face pieces. Size the patterns to fit your pumpkin perfectly. Includes 4 carving tools.

Neon Pumpkin Decorating Kit- Light up the night using the battery powered neon light cord which inserts into your pumpkin design. Includes pattern, tools, and light.

4 in 1 Carving Tool-
This tool has two cutting edges and two sculpting edges.

Halloween Hardware- Deluxe version of the carving kit, includes 8 patterns, 3 saws, 1 scoop, 3 drills, and one jumbo drill.

Kid's Fright Lights- Kids can pound the colored pegs into the pumpkin to create colorful lighted designs. Includes a battery powered flashing light.

Pumpkin carving pattern books-
for use with the special tools provided in the kit. We have 8 different books.

Pumpkin Painting Kit - transfer the patters provided then fill in the design with paints to create a Jack O Lantern that will last longer than one that is carved.

Pumpkin cutter for kids- this is not sharp, yet it makes carving very easy for children and adults.

Pumpkin saw for detailed carving- this is to use with the patterns mentioned above.

Pumpkin Punch-out Kit- use like a cookie cutter to stamp out designs in your pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sculpting Kit- Sculpt glowing pumpkins by removing the outer layer of the pumpkin. Includes pattern and 3 tools.

Pumpkin stickers- Use these to decorate you pumpkins prior to carving.

Candles and Holders-
Includes 2 candles with holders that screw into the bottom of the pumpkin. Easy to light, long lasting, and will not fall over.

Fall decorating items

Straw bales- Four sizes available: Full size regular straw, Half size regular straw bale, Table top small bale, and Table top mini bale.


Gourds- many sizes, shapes and colors

Mini Pumpkins -
White , Orange

Indian Corn -
Regular size , Large size, miniature

Hubbard and banana squash - locally grown, priced by size.

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