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Toll House Pumpkin Patch Group and Birthday Party packages

Your party will take place in our party area with table(s) and chairs for an hour and a half. The area is decorated with tablecloths and balloons. Please refer to the Important - Please Read information in the flyer to the right.


$15/child package

Each child will get:

*15 tickets to use on amusements
small pumpkin

$8/child package

Each child will get:

*10 tickets to use on amusements

For your reference, these are the ticket costs for some of the rides:

  • 3 tickets each -Dragon Bounce, Pumpkin Bounce,Caterpillar Crawl
  • 4 tickets each -ATV kiddie cars,Train ride, Face painting
  • 5 tickets each -Pony ride,Climbing Wall,


You must arrange for your own food and utensils. Round Table Pizza is located across the street on Damonte Ranch Parkway and will deliver.


Toll House requests that parties purchase the package after all guests arrive to avoid complications with the cashier. Minimum of 8 children.

Thanks and have a fun time.

For reservations call: 503-883-1841


Discover the Child's Garden, a fantastic inflatable amusement. Here's some more fun things to do:

Haunted Maze, Climbing Wall, Dragon Bouncer
Pumpkin Bouncer, Petting ZOO
Pony Rides, Hay Pyramid, Kiddie Train,
and even more ...

Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Kiddie Bunny Ride
Inflatable Obstacle Course
Inflatable Extreme Obstacle Course
Jacobs Ladder
Bungee Run
Velcro Wall
Thousands of Pumpkins!
Picnic Area
Free Hot Air Balloon Rides (selected dates, weather permitting)
Pumpkin Launcher
Greased Pig Contest
Miniature Golf Contest
Farm Animals

RAFFLE $1.00 guess weight of GIANT PUMPKIN - CHANCE TO WIN $500 and then $500 to support your favorite local charity

Full List on our activities page >

Come shop for your perfect pumpkin and let the kids play in our fall harvest setting. This year we are offering a book of 22 tickets for $20. Individual tickets are $1.

Child’s Garden Inflatable: This is a huge inflatable with lots of fun things to do. Children can climb, bounce, and play on this colorful, giant plaything. The cost is 3 tickets, open 10 am - 6 pm everyday.

Train Ride: Take a ride on our colorful little train. It takes a lazy journey around the outside of the pumpkin patch. The cost is 3 tickets.

Climbing Wall: Climbers of all ages can test their skill on our 20 foot climbing wall. The cost is 4 tickets.

Pony ride: We have four beautiful, gentle ponies under a tent, saddled up and ready for your child to ride. The ponies are attached to a ring and the child sits in the saddle as they walk around for 5 minutes. This is for kids up to 70 pounds. The cost is 5 tickets.

Dragon Bounce: This is a 15' x 20' bounce house that looks like a dragon. It is fun for smaller children. The cost is 2 Tickets.

Facepainting - Your child can have a beautiful design of their choice applied in fun bright colors. The cost is 3 tickets.

Kiddie Ferris Wheel: The cost is 3 tickets

Kiddie Bunny Ride: The cost is 3 tickets

Inflatable Extreme Obstacle Course: The cost is 5 tickets

Bungee Run: The cost is 4 tickets

Jacob's Ladder: If you get across, win a free pumpkin! The cost is 4 tickets.

Velcro Wall: The cost is 4 tickets

Groups may purchase admission bracelets at a special rate.



Kiddie Train

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